Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farewell Muffintop and Other Resolutions

So I opened this blog too late for my 1st of the year Resolutions but hey its never too late to have some RESOLVE right? I was working out at a great big name gym when Love and I moved to Bigtown, Southwest for what we joke about being our 4 Month Staycation where we moved us and all our stuff across country and back 4 months to the day later. Anyhoo I was working out with a personal trainer and with wonderful results I tell ya! Accept since we moved back to Littlebigtown, Midwest I have really had a difficult time restarting my fitness journey. I feel like my weight has become a security blanket of sorts. No I'm not morbidly obese, but I gained weight after a back injury and haven't ever lost it...(7 years) with an extra 90 pounds and in that time I've noticed that as a size 14-16 I don't get attention the way I used to. I also don't get people making a point to get to know the chubby Birdie unless they are either chubby gals, or on the fringe... You know former chubbys that have gotten fit for one reason or another. NO don'ttake offense I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being chubby. HECK I love me! (and I'm a bit chubby. in fact my thigh is the size my waist was when I got married to my ex hubby back in 1991). YEP embrace your chubbyness. I'm just saying if it bothers you, or if as in my case it is starting to effect your health (hello high cholesterol) for Heaven's sake just do something about it.  I also don't need to stuff my gut with unhealthy stuff as a norm... I need to get ready to start running after a baby fulltime and that takes some energy!

So Awesome personal trainer available or not I am making a commitment to move... I'm going to move each and everyday. Whether it is taking a walk, run, doing a fitness video, or playing with my friends twins... I'm moving.

This next RESOLUTION is a 2 part: I resolve to spend time each day in prayerful meditation. To focus myself, and make sure I  stay centered and actively walking out my faith. I know that I can give my best to my husband and children and others in our community whether it is IRL or Online, if I take the time to root myself feeding my faith in the Word. I have felt for the last few years that I was to finish my degree and start going to VBI I am following through on this. We are also going to make sure we consistently pay full tithe...this has been difficult over the past couple years, however I know we live better, and are able to make ends meet when we do. We have been doing this since our move back to Littlebigtown, Midwest so that is a plus.

I know that this post is a little random but all of these things have been weighing on me... so I wanted to get them out. I want to make myself accountable. SO there ya have it!

Resolutions 2012
  • Lose the Muffintop
  • Move my body
  • Feed us healthy foods
  • lower cholesterol
  • Pray, Meditate, read the Bible
  • Pay full tithe
  • Be happy, healthy, and ready for baby time 2012

2 sweet comments:

Viva La Marla said...

That full tithe is hard!!!

Good luck on all your resolutions! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I stopped by...I LOVE THE ICLW! There are several other bloggers on a weight loss journey also. We are doing a weekly Wednesday weight-in to hold ourselves accountable for our choices.

Wishing you the best in your up coming appointment!!!


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