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Hi there! My name is Birdie, I bet you are wondering who in the world names their kid Birdie... I could tell you my parents were cool hippie rockers or I'm one of the Zappa kids but I'll settle for the truth! My parents weren't cool. Growing up I had a really great friend who's mom used to take us to school... (me when I'd miss the bus, and her daughter because she was a cool, like really cool rode a Harley for fun type cool mom!) anyway Mom Sanders used to call me Bird$**+. It came out first as a bird went pooh on her window during one of our many morning rides to school, and stuck. She was mid thought and starting to say my name ... correcting me for saying something I shouldn't have, and a bird went pooh just as she said my name and it came out Bird$**+ Well time went on and of course it was funny how the name came to be, and in 7th grade... kids like to say forbidden things...but my friends were getting detentions for saying a bad word...so since we are a witty bunch we shortened it to Birdie and there it stayed until even today. If someone from that group of friends calls... I know instantly when I answer the phone.

 I'm married to just about the best all around guy there is! He and I met later in life and married just 9 months and 1 day after our first date! Yeah I know CRAZY right! Nope he is the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, the love of my life. On here I will refer to him as Love. Yeah that's not his real name either... but that's okay because he is the Love of my life... get it Love?  anyhoo. He is great with my 2 older children from my first marriage always building and loving and nurturing.

I knew when we were dating that he desperately wanted to marry and become a father, and I have never felt like I was done having children... actually quite the opposite. So after talking to our pastors and praying about it, and going through counseling we decided we would tackle this baby thing together!  OH yeah and we got engaged and married... Almost forgot that important nugget of information. **I should also add that my husband is a doctor, so he knew what the struggles would be medically and emotionally before signing up to be my baby daddy. We first went to our RE Dr Awesome in November of 2009 to jump on the baby making train.  It was just 3 months after being married. At that time we were both working, he in private practice and I at a sliding scale medical practice here in our community.We had several potential matches fall through in a short period of time in surrogacy. We now have 3 frozen embryos waiting for a gestational carrier, but have to save up the fees associated with surrogacy because it is quite expensive. When matches fell through it was rough but I believe it was a God thing now. My husband had a stroke in April of 2010 a month before his 37th birthday and almost died. He had to stay hospitalized for almost 4 months and had therapy to rehabilitate his left side of his body for a year after that. I left the job I was working to focus 100% on his rehabilitation.

We have 2 fur-babies, beagle brothers that have never been separated. We love them so very much. We adopted them March of 2011 from the Humane Society. They are 10 years old now and just wanna cuddle or play and have your undivided attention all the time! Kind of like a 2 year old! Smokey and Bandit just loved my awesome hubby from the start. I think they really brought my hubby through some of the hardest times emotionally coming to terms with not practicing in his field anymore. They are pretty funny and demanding of my attention. Their papa is a big push over so mama here has to be bad cop!

I won't write much about my 2 older children on here because I want to respect their privacy! My son, Froggy is a junior in college. My daughter, Bug is freshman in college out of state. Both have had their respective nick names since birth... so coming up with what to call them wasn't difficult. Both have asked me for years "When are you going to have another baby mom?" I guess now's the time for our family  dream to be fulfilled! Love and I went through dIUI in March of 2012 and became pregnant. Due to a medical error however, we suffered the loss of our dear sweet Gabriel, July 1, 2012. He was the third baby I have held and knew our hello meant goodbye. The pain is fresh but I am the daughter of a great and loving God and I know he has much bigger plans full of hope and wonder and love, we are stepping into this next journey in Faith.

My husband and I feel so ready to be on this journey to having a baby finally after the past couple years and I sincerely hope you stick around to watch our journey to parenthood. Little Turtle (it's taking this little one forever to get here!), as it unfolds.  Feel free to email, comment or follow me on twitter! I follow back, so yeah we can totally like stalk each other and be cheerleaders for one another if you're going through IF too! We just started the process to Foster Parent and hope to Adopt either privately or through the system, in the end we will parent some littles.... because the world has so many that need a loving home and we have a home full of love to bless our child with. We just have to dot some i's and cross some t's then we are all set.... Flying through life adding to our Bird (ie) House.

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