Sunday, January 15, 2012

A child is born...

Yes folks! 18 years ago today my daughter was born! She came into this world red haired red faced and screaming her little lungs out! Happy birthday Bug! Though I can't hold you in my arms like when you were born I hold you in my heart always!

following her dream...

Your step father and I love you very much Bug! She is performing today in another city so we celebrated her birthday on Tuesday evening just the 3 of us! We are so blessed God chose to allow us the opportunity to help raise such a beautiful child inside and out! You've taught me much more, than I could ever have taught you. Through you I learned  what it looks like to walk out in Faith, to follow dreams, and that with God and the right perspective all things are possible... You've also shown me it doesn't matter how people treat you what matters is your response! I've seen you learn your passion, and start on the quest to follow your dreams! Keep going my sweet baby girl the world needs to be blessed by your spirit, and zeal for life!

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