Saturday, March 31, 2012

CD25 and 11DPO dIUI

Hey everyone! My progesterone level was 12.4 when checked and I was told by Dr Awesome's Nurse that he is very happy with that to keep up the progesterone suppositories and that I ovulated well. I've been POAS every single day and they have all been negative once my trigger shot went out of my system... I had some low back ache and crampy low belly stuff going on this past Wednesday 8DPO and I was told that could be implantation pain. I thought it felt kind of like my normal PMS stuff, but its gone not. I have absolutely no PMS symptom stuff going on now. I do however have some sensitivity to smells and yesterday and today I've had more acid reflux stuff going on. This morning I woke pretty queasy. I've been told all of this stuff is potential early pregnancy symptoms. Still praying this worked and that we will have a little one come Christmas time!

Monday, March 26, 2012

CD20 and 6DPO

I tested out my trigger shot and now am testing negative... it's early so I'm not freaking out. I'd be remiss to say however that I would have loved for my trigger shot to stay positive and for me to never see that negative come up. I know that I'm feeling some nausea but that could be from the love progestrone I have to use now. I will post as soon as I know anything... I just don't want to log on and blog "yeah folks still negative. I have a system down for the mornings though... I wake to my alarm and go directly to the restroom POAS and set it aside, insert my morning dose of Progestrone, wash my hands and go to the night stand next to the bed. I take my baby aspirin and prenatal vitamin and lay back down for 1 hour... then I get up and go check my pregnancy test... this way I am gonna be really surprised to see a positive when it happens... because I'm thinking this has to work this time. I'm keeping the dream alive! I test my progestrone levels tomorrow and then have my first day back to work Wednesday so life is gonna get a bit busier. I'm looking forward to sharing some great news by a week from tomorrow... because thats BETA Day! WAHOO! 8 more days!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

dIUI Take 1

At our IUI today we had 19.8 motile sperm for our first IUI and the procedure went on with no cramping or any discomfort... actually the nurse told me that I would feel pain like a pap smear and I am happy to report... I would totally go through this procedure every single day if I never had to have a PAP again! I felt nothing at all. My body was elevated to the 90ish degree angle that JLo assumed in the Back Up Plan and there we sat for 25 minutes. Tonight I am a bit crampy but I think it is ovulation pain...on each side so I'm pretty sure I am ovulating from both ovaries :) I begin prometrium on Saturday and have my progestrone level drawn on Tues the 27th. On the 28th I go back to work so that will help the last week of my 2WW go by quicker... I have a beta scheduled first thing Tuesday the 3rd of April. HOWEVER I will be POAS as of Friday I think because I want to see right when the positive happens... you know I really want this to happen the first time so my Dr has to eat his words... I may be old but these cougar eggs are fighters!
Please Pray that this works the first time!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wandy Appt at 8AM

Well tomorrow morning I have a hot date with Mr Wandy and its CD13 so dIUI #1 is happening! Love and I are so excited and ready for this next step! I have 14 pregnancy tests all stocked up in the bathroom, that may seem like obsessing but this is the first time I will ever be excited to POAS. With my Rh Sensitivity I have always been in the situation knowing that my ex was not a compatible blood type and I would break out in a sweat and hives at the thought of being pregnant. We were very careful, but I ended up pregnant with various birth control methods. It is horrific to know you are pregnant and that your body hostile to the baby you are carrying. Hostile to the point of mortality. SO to have a positive pregnancy test in the past was to feel like I was killing a baby I wanted more than anything. after my last loss I got an Mirena IUD the first birth control to WORK the way it should have. When Love and I decided to go through surrogacy we had it removed so we could harvest my eggs for our surrogate. I have been IUD free since that time. I had told Love that we needed to decide what we were going to do so I could have one inserted if we weren't going to cycle again to get more embryos. He came to me last December and told me he wanted us to explore dIUI with me carrying. I had given up any hope of carrying a baby of our own... My hubby gave me the best gift ever in that moment! Allowing me to carry our child gives us a baby we both yearn for, and gives me the gift so many others take for granted. I look forward to getting a positive test, and telling him that he is finally going to be a Daddy! I also look forward to POAS all happy and filled with anticipation. SO 8 AM CST is the appointment time and I would appreciate all the good thoughts and sticky vibes as we attempt to peg the ever elusive egg!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CD8 and an Update!

Dr Awesome decided because of my cycle last month that he would like this cycle to be medicated for our dIUI. I started my Femara (Letrozole) on Friday, my CD3 through yesterday on CD7. Overall I haven't had any real side effects but then again I've had a sinus thing going on with some low grade fever and attributed my headaches and hot flashes to that... Monday is CD 13 and we are scheduled for an ultrasound first thing in the morning with a follow up insem and trigger if all goes well. We are doing insems 2 days in a row. I feel at peace with this TTC journey. We have been through so much over the past 3 years from failed surrogacy attempts, my hubby's stroke and following recovery, and dropping toxic family members. Love and I have rebuilt our life and went from being in a dual income household, to nothing until Love was recovered. He had to medically retire as a physician because in his chosen profession he needed both hands functioning. He finally knows what he wants to go back to school for and is working toward that, and I am happy to say that I just received a job offer. WAHOO! We are very happy that we have made hard but necessary changes in our life and are ready for baby now in God's time. I have a sense of peace not only over our TTC but in life in general. I feel so blessed to have my husband home, healthy, and we are both ready to finally have a baby together! It has been 23 months since Love's stroke and I have been off work since that night. I have looked for jobs, and between our move across country and back I just hadn't found anything. I hadn't found anything until this week that is. You may remember last month when I interviewed for a job and had a horrific interview experience.. if not read all about that interview from hell . Well this past Monday I had another interview for my former job that I worked until Love's stroke. I had both places call within a 24 hour period and offer me a job! SO I am no longer unemployed. In fact I have 2 jobs to choose from! WAHOO!!!! I will receive insurance benefits as of April 1st. Everything is falling into place and I couldn't be happier... ESPECIALLY if I get knocked up next Monday!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CD32 or CD1?

YEP! That would be ME! WAHOO! Way to hold out Aunt Flow! I brag about how wonderful and timely you are to Dr Awesome at my February 15th appointment, "nope Doc I'm 28 days and clockwork!..." and you wait until CD32 at 9:15pm to turn into CD1....WAHOO! Lets get to this baby making stuff you little hold out! SO is this CD1 if I'm just spotting when using the restroom or do I wait until I have actual flow (like in the morning?) OH yeah... This might be a TMI post... sorry, it's my blog and I am freaking excited to share my bodily functions...for the sake of baby making and family completion, and for adolescent humor... because I'm awesome like that. :)
I'm looking forward to a little one like this to light up our family again! It's been a long time since I've heard the pitter patter of little feet...SO Ready Set Lets Get a Move ON!

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