Monday, June 17, 2013

Change change change....

Hello, is anyone here? Helllllllooooooo? Hmmmm, well not sure if we have any followers left but I figured I would give a nifty update bullet point style!

  • Hubs and I have finally worked through our Home Study paperwork, and had all of our meetings for our Foster  Care License.  Now we wait for our case worker.
  • Last  time I checked in with Case worker (CW) she indicated we should be ready by sometime in July to be placed.
  • Froggy is now officially a Senior in College and he called last week to say he may take a year off....WORST IDEA EVAH! However if you have a 21yr old son who listens to you when you say.....WHAT!?! NOOOOO!  let me know. I don't know what to say or do to change his mind. I remind myself that he is indeed an adult and as such he has every right to make his decision and reap the reward or consequence (whichever it is).
  • Bug had a fantastic 1st year of college and is excited to start her Sophomore year in Honors College and switched from BA to a BFA. Good choices.  She is in a sorority and honestly I love that she is so immersed in college life. Proud AOII momma here!
  • Hubs attempted going back to school after 2 years of fighting to get him back in the classroom, and it was a flop. His short term memory is just to impaired for the degree he wanted to get, and the new career choice he had planned.
  • I became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and in my first official month hit STAR Consultant Sapphire level! I am going to Seminar in August and can not wait! Speaking of Mary Kay... if you need anything or would like to hostess an online party, please let me know. For those of you in my area I am more than willing to do a 1 on 1 consultation and service your skin care needs, or show you how you can hostess and earn $100 free product for having a party with me! For those interested in earning some extra money, or replacing a current income contact me and We can talk about that too!! Here is my website: Birdie's Mary Kay Site! 
I know I have been gone for hmmmm about a year now, I am sorry, I won't make excuses, life was rough, but I am back and ready to mingle in the blogosphere again now! Please tell me what have you been up to?

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Megan said...

So good to hear an update from you!


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